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Ramie Cotton Soap Pouch

Ramie Cotton Soap Pouch

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Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibres, it doesn't shrink, and is resistant to bacteria and mildew, which is why these soap saver pouches compliment our soaps perfectly.


Ramie is a natural fiber, a traditional material rough enough to clean and exfoliate the skin, and delicate enough to keep your skin sparkling.

Key Feature

Ramie is a strong fiber derived from the Nettle plant. It's bacteria and mildew-resistant and can withstand high water temperatures. It's the perfect fiber for a soap pouch!

How To Use

Place your soap inside the bag and pull the drawstring closed.
Hold it under warm water for a couple of seconds to make the fibers soften the fibers.
It can be hung in the shower or at the sink with its drawstring in between uses.
When your soap bag needs cleaning, wash in the machine on low/cold and air dry.

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