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Clear Soap Net

Clear Soap Net

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Great if you have pretty soap!; You can still see your soap! Soap Net is a simple, reusable way to get the most out of any bar of soap


Made from a recyclable, non-absorbent polymer, the pouch holds your bar and creates an instant lather while gently exfoliating your skin.

Key Feature

The double mesh design produces a thick, cleansing lather and exfoliating, scrubbing action for a deeper, more refreshing clean.

• Quickly produces a rich, perfect lather
• Convenient wrist and wall strap
• Hangs to prevent soap dish buildup
• Fast drying for gym and outdoor use
• Perfect for any bar soaps up to 5.oz

How To Use

Simply place any bar inside the net pouch and lather up! The net will allow you to exfoliate and remove dull surface cells to reveal brighter, healthier skin! After use, rinse the soap off inside the net and hang it up to dry. You will prolong the life of your bar and keep it intact, lasting to the very end. As the bar gets low, add your next one and replace your soap net as needed

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