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What makes I scream, and you scream! We all scream for ice cream of course! July is national ice cream month, and what a perfect time to cool off with a scoop of your favorite flavor (or try what other weird flavors that exist out there).

Like with other foods, the exact origin of ice cream is unknown. What we do know, however, is that the origin of ice cream likely dates back a long time ago. For example, Nero of Rome was said to have enjoyed harvesting ice or snow, then flavoring it with honey or other flavorings. Alexander the Great supposedly enjoyed icy drinks that had flavorings such as honey or nectar. The first instance of ice cream being in the Unite States, however, was in a letter in 1744 (the author of the letter was a guest of Governor William Bladen.). Early presidents also had a liking towards ice cream. In the summer of 1790, George Washington spent approximately $200 for ice cream (keep in mind that back then $200 was a fairly good sum of money). Thomas Jefferson actually made his own recipe of ice cream too! Dolly Madison, the wife of President James Madison, served ice cream at the second inaugural ball. For a while, ice cream was only an occasional special treat, mainly for the rich. In 1843, Nancy Johnson patented the hand crank ice cream maker. About 8 years later, in 1851, Jacob Fussell built the first ice cream factory. The invention of mechanical refrigeration helped kept large amounts of ice cream cool. Improvements and new inventions in technology helped ice cream spread towards the general public.

Fun Facts

-Vanilla is the most popular flavor of ice cream

-The ice cream soda was invented in 1874

– It takes roughly 50 licks to finish an ice cream cone

-California produces the most ice cream in the United States

-You can make homemade ice cream in a bag! All you need is your ingredients (milk, sugar, and vanilla extract or other flavorings), ice, salt, and two plastic bags (one large one to hold the ice and salt, and one smaller one to put inside the large bag. The smaller bag hold’s your ingredients/eventual ice cream)

-You can deep fry ice cream too!


Check out all the fun flavors during July. July 1 is National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day. In the middle of the month, National Peach Ice Cream Day brings some refreshing fruitiness to the month. The end of the month is rounded out with good old National Vanilla Ice Cream Day. What’s your favorite? Use #NationalIceCreamMonth to share on social media.


President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month with the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.

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